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Wrongfully Convicted Paperback

Wrongfully Convicted Paperback

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Korbin D. King has spent the last eight years meticulously building his career in forensic science, aiming for a coveted spot on the Cyber Security team. After a year-long hiatus to support his family, he's ready to dive back into the field. However, Korbin finds himself caught in a treacherous crossfire between law enforcement and the harsh realities of societal prejudice. As a series of mysterious deaths unfold around him, Korbin struggles to uphold justice while confronting the racial biases that threaten to overshadow his efforts.

In a world where both sides of justice can't be manipulated, Korbin faces an impossible choice—one that could cost him everything he holds dear. This gripping novel delves deep into police procedures, socioeconomic policies, and the unwavering strength of family and friends. Prepare for a rollercoaster of suspense, tragedy, and deception that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page!



Fish Out of Water

Racial Tension

Crime & Punishment

Morally Gray Protagonist

Fight for Justice

Suspense and Thriller Elements

Tragic Backstory

Corruption and Conspiracy

Strong Family Ties

Socioeconomic Commentary

Mentor and Protege 

Internal Conflict

Hidden Agendas

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