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Line editing - Fiction

Line editing - Fiction

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Create a captivating masterpiece with our developmental editing service! Our team of experts will provide thorough and insightful edits to your fiction manuscript, bringing your story to life and elevating it to its fullest potential. Say goodbye to mundane writing and hello to a truly engaging and impactful read!

Our developmental edits focus on the macro view of your manuscript:

Macro Editing

My macro checklist includes:

  • Intention - Who is the intended audience? Does the story present a primary focus? Is there clarity on the connection between the main character, their desires and the plot? “Intention, as such, is your central idea that guides both writer and reader. It is your mind’s highway that runs clear and wide from the first to last page—while circuitous, pebbly paths lace around it,” (Bell 23).
  • Character - Are you able to connect with the characters? Do their motivations align with the plot? Are they well developed in pertinent details that support their motivations and desires?
  • Structure - Does the development of the story follow the plot structure? Is there drama in the structure? Does the events of the rising action lead to the climax? Does it feel forced? How is the pacing of the story? "A functioning structure guides readers from one idea or incident to the next without their stopping to wonder where they are and where they are going," (Bell 27).
  • Theme - Are you able to identify the theme? How quickly does the theme show in the story? Was the theme easily identified? “A theme is not a message. It is an idea written in invisible ink on the backside of your text” (Bell, 85).
  • Continuity of Tone - When reading, can you hear the narrator's voice? Is the tone consistent throughout the story? Does the tone connect with the characters and their dialogue? “the voice behind the work, the driving intention behind the sound and style” (Lukeman, 166).
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