Veterans of Foreign Wars: Still Pushing to Provide Financial Support

Veterans of Foreign Wars: Still Pushing to Provide Financial Support

In celebration of Memorial Day, we want to thank those who have served, are in service, and their families for your bravery and support. As a thank you, we want to provide a financial resource if you have yet to be recognized.

For over a century, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), one of the oldest and largest non-profit organizations in the United States, offers financial resources for veterans and veteran families who seek an education and struggle to maintain funds for a civilian lifestyle. VFW has been supporting individuals and families for nearly 125 years with over 1.3 billion dollars in academic scholarships dispersed as of 2023.

If you are a veteran or an unseen veteran who wants to pursue an education, we suggest applying for the Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship. No essay required. The objective is to provide veterans financial assistance to pursue their education without the burden of bills and loans.  

If you are related to a veteran who has passed, served, or in service and are in need of funds for a civilian lifestyle, we suggest the Unmet Needs Program. This is a need-based grant for families struggling to maintain financial stability while their loved one is either attending school, in service, retired, or deceased. 

These are two of the few financial programs that VFW provides. Feel free to check out their Youth Scholarships as well. If you are interested, learn more on their website

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