Chime Scholars Foundation: A Ray of Hope in Financial Troubles

Chime Scholars Foundation: A Ray of Hope in Financial Troubles

In the pursuit of achieving one’s chosen career, it always comes down to the money in the end. High school graduates, especially low-income graduates, scramble for ways to receive finances for their post-secondary education. We want to provide you with a financial resource from one of the United States’ top non-profit, financial tech companies: Chime.

Chime has been in business since 2012 and featured in news networks such as CNN, Forbes, and CNBC for assisting families in achieving economic success. In November of 2023, Chime officially announced Chime Scholars Foundation (CSF) which aims to help the community by funding ambitious, low-income students achieve not just their financial goals but their dreams. With over ten sponsors, CSF is offering an annual grant to students with financial need.

Although we are not directly affiliated with CSF, we, as well as CSF, want students to have an opportunity at financial stability, a higher education, and a chance to use their education to better our community. If you need financial help, register and apply for their grant at Chime Scholar Foundation. Read the application carefully and good luck to your endeavors!

Check out their website for more information.

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